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Renowned Chocolatier Norman Love Debuts New Line of Ultra-Premium Dark Chocolates during Fancy Food Show

Read about the health benefits of the new line of ultra-premium dark chocolates.


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Norman Love Confections BLACK™ Features Cocoa Beans from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela &

FORT MYERS, FL—June 17, 2009—Chocolate lovers can now indulge in a dark
chocolate luxury that has proven health benefits. Award-winning Chocolatier and Founder of Norman Love Confections (NLC) Norman Love introduces Norman Love Confections BLACK™, an ultra-premium line of intensely dark chocolates featuring rich origin chocolates from five of finest growing regions in the world, to compliment his
core product line of handcrafted white, milk and dark chocolates 

Love believes dark chocolate is the next red wine, an indulgence whose varied flavors and beneficial health effects are exciting taste buds and
sparking growing demand for high-quality confections.

“Consumers’ palates have been changing over the past few years,” Love explains. “We decided to create Norman Love Confections BLACK™ because of the rising consumption of dark chocolate by American consumers. Potential health benefits as well as interest in ultra-premium single-origin chocolates have driven the increase in consumption.

Just as with single-vineyard wines, the flavor of an origin chocolate depends on a variety of conditions unique to the place in which the cocoa beans used to make it are grown. In the Norman Love Confections BLACK™ line, these chocolates cover velvety ganache fillings made with more of the chocolate that surrounds it.

Norman Love Confections BLACK™ features confections made with five signature couvertures (from the French word for ‘cover’). These couvertures are made by the well-respected Swiss supplier Max Felchlin AG, a 100-year-old boutique manufacturer recognized internationally for their high quality cocoa products.

“My intention with Norman Love Confections BLACK™ is to create five origin confections with varied cocoa contents that combine the robust flavors of the chocolates with sensuous ganache fillings” Love says.

Each box of Norman Love Confections BLACK™ includes pieces made with:

  • 74 percent Hacienda Elvesia, an elegant, robust chocolate with notes of black tea and a hint of tobacco made with beans from the Dominican Republic. The processing method produces a fruity note that is sustained by a refreshing hint of orange and a splash of grapefruit.
  • 72 percent Arriba, made with cocoa beans of the prized Nacional from Arriba Mocache, Los Rios, Ecuador. This chocolate’s flavor is enhanced by intense coffee and licorice fragrances. A gentle processing technique gives rise to an intense dried plum bouquet and a long finish of flowery black currants.
  • 68 percent Cru Sauvage, the world’s first chocolate made from beans harvested from wild cacao trees growing in the Beni region of north-eastern Bolivia. This harmonious chocolate possesses fresh lemon and grapefruit notes, an intense dried plum bouquet, and an exquisite hint of vanilla.
  • 65 percent Maracaibo Clasificado, made with noble criollo cocoa from the vicinity of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. This well-balanced chocolate is enhanced by coffee and plum aromas with an undercurrent of orange blossom and cinnamon, possessing a light, sweet raisin bouquet.
  • 64 percent Madagascar, made with cocoa beans of the trinitario variety from Sambirano, Madagascar, an island off the southeast coast of Africa. This is a fruity chocolate with a roasted hazelnut aroma and wild berry notes as well as a subtle hint of clove and cedar.

The percentages listed with each variety indicate how much cocoa a particular chocolate contains, Love explains. The ganache matches the chocolate with which it is enrobed and there are no additional flavors to distract the palate from the special character of each chocolate.

Love outlines a few of the benefits associated with dark chocolate.

  • Dark chocolate contains antioxidants known as flavanols that destroy free radicals, which have been implicated in heart disease.
  • Dark chocolate also contains endorphins, the body’s natural opiates, which provide a feeling of well-being and reduce sensitivity to pain.
  • The amino acid tryptophan, produces serotonin in the brain, promoting feelings of calm and well-being.
  • According to a report in The Journal of the American Medical Association, dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure in a way that milk and white chocolates do not.

The Norman Love Confections BLACK™ line is available in the following sizes: a five-piece box ($15), containing one of each flavor; a 10-piece box ($25), with two of each type; and a 15-piece box ($35) with three pieces per flavor.

Most recently, NLC has been recognized by the Robb Report and Consumer Reports touting NLC ultra-premium chocolates as top in the country. Named one of the top three chocolatiers in the country numerous times by a leading national consumer magazine, and lauded by the likes of USA Today, La Vie Claire and Entrepreneur magazines, Love makes his chocolates from the highest quality and freshest ingredients. 

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About Norman Love Confections:

Founded in 2001 by Norman and Mary Love, Norman Love Confections creates and distributes ultra-premium, handcrafted artisanal chocolates. Based in Fort Myers, Fla., the corporate headquarters encompasses both the production and retail operations. The Chocolate Salon is a stylish retail shop with an intimate ambience in which customers may purchase chocolates or linger over house-made pastries, gourmet coffees, lattes and smoothies. For more information about Norman Love Confections, visit the Chocolate Salon located at 11380 Lindbergh Boulevard, off Daniels Parkway, in Fort Myers, call toll free 866-515-2121866-515-2121 or visit us online.