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National Cookie Day- Dec 4! Celebrate in-stores with Stir, Bake, LOVE

In recognition of National Cookie Day on Friday, Dec. 4, Norman Love Confections will offer free samples of Stir, Bake, LOVE cookies at its Fort Myers, Naples and Estero locations.

Award-winning pastry chef, Norman Love of Norman Love Confections, has created a new cookie kit for gourmet baking at home, which is as simple to use as its name: Stir, Bake, LOVE. In recognition of National Cookie Day, Norman Love Confections will offer free samples of the cookies at its Fort Myers, Naples and Estero locations.

In time for holiday baking with ease, Norman Love Confections introduces four gourmet cookie kits: Chocolate Chip Cookie, featuring crisp edges, soft buttery center, and semisweet chocolate chunks mixed throughout; Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, with milk and dark chocolates mix together to create a rich, chewy, chocolaty cookie loaded with pecans; Oatmeal Raisin Chip Cookie, featuring sweet raisins, chocolate chips and a hint of cinnamon; and Mint Sugar Cookie, a buttery sugar cookie studded with colorful mint chips.

Each package of Stir, Bake, LOVE contains all the premium ingredients needed to make the perfect batch of gourmet cookies, perfectly pre-measured for convenience. Simply add an egg and butter and bake as directed. Each batch yields 14 cookies, freshly baked in 20 minutes or less. The cookie kits sell for $18 and are available online at and in Norman Love Confections’ chocolate salons in Fort Myers, Estero and Naples.

“We’ve made it so simple that home bakers won’t believe its gourmet – until the first bite!” said Norman Love, founder of Norman Love Confections. “Our goal was to create a way for people to create and enjoy warm, oven-fresh gourmet cookies at home with no recipe, no shopping and no waste. It really is as easy as stir, bake and love.”

The idea for a cookie kit was inspired by the popularity of the homemade cookies sold exclusively at Norman Love Confections locations in Southwest Florida. The kit will allow Norman Love cookie fans to bake their own cookies whenever they want in the comfort of their own homes, and for customers outside of the area to experience the deliciousness of Norman Love cookies.