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Norman Love Confections unveils Naked Love

Inspired by the desire to provide beautiful and delicious, fresh gourmet cakes, Norman Love Confections introduces Naked Love. Embracing classic American flavor combinations, these rich and flavorful cakes are handmade, packaged carefully for shipping, and ready-to-serve or refrigerate upon arrival.

Adorned with polka dots on top, Naked Love cakes feature fresh, quality ingredients and seven flavors including banana, carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter, coconut, confetti, lemon raspberry and ultimate chocolate.

“Our industry uses the term ‘naked’ when referring to unfrosted cakes with the sides ‘exposed,’ if you will,” said Norman Love, founder of Norman Love Confections. “Naked Love is all about the decorative artisan touches that leave the layers of cake and fillings bare, allowing the naked beauty of the cakes to leave nothing to the imagination. Everyone deserves a sweet indulgence for birthdays or other special occasions, delivered with love.”

Small cakes are $28 and serve up to four people. The large cakes are $45 and serve up to six people. Naked Love cakes are available online at Norman Love Confections and at the Norman Love Confections retail locations in Fort Myers, Estero or Naples.  Cakes can be shipped in quantities of one or two.  Prices for cakes with shipping are:  for small cakes, $57 for one and $100 for two; for the large cakes, $75 for one and $134 for two; for a mixed cake box of one small and one large cake, $117.