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Norman Love and Mark Loren team up for EGGStraordinary Giveaways March 19-27

To celebrate Easter, chocolatier Norman Love Confections and jeweler Mark Loren Designs are teaming up and hiding 36 “EGGStraordinary” prizes throughout Lee and Collier counties including two GOLD eggs with “EGGStra” special prizes inside. During the week before Easter, March 19-27, prize bags from Norman Love Confections and Mark Loren Designs will be placed throughout Lee and Collier counties at businesses, events and other high-traffic areas.

The prize bags will feature a special Easter egg tag with the message “You Are a Winner! Open to Discover an EGGSstraordinary Surprise!” prompting people who discover the bags to open them and look inside. Inside eggs in the Norman Love Confections gift bag, winners will find a prize voucher for Love’s internationally recognized chocolates or other offerings from Norman Love Confections. Inside eggs in the Mark Loren Design gift bag, finders will discover a gemstone, along with a gift certificate to have the stone set into a custom-designed piece from the award-winning jeweler. The vouchers will provide instructions on redeeming the prizes at a specific location by a specific date.Prize winners who post on Norman Love Confections and Mark Loren Designs social media sites using #LoveLorenEggHunt will be entered into a grand prize drawing as well.  Daily clues on the social media sites for both companies will help guide egg hunters in the right direction to discover the prizes.

Long-time friends, Love and Loren have partnered in the past on contests and giveaways, and both companies believe in giving back to the community, especially during the holidays. This year, they are adding something a little “eggs-tra” special worth hunting for – gold eggs that will offer a high-valued prize to the winners.

“As business owners, we like to give back to the community in a variety of ways – through charitable donations, special events, contests and especially these unexpected giveaways. It’s a special way that we can take our products outside our retail locations and celebrate the holiday with the entire community,” said Love.

“It’s fun to be spontaneous with our gift giving, like a game of hide and seek. We find hiding spots throughout the region and we leave little unexpected surprises along the way. After I make a drop, I like to hide nearby, waiting and watching for someone to find it, and then watch for the look on their face. It brings me as much joy as it does to the winners,” added Loren.EGGStraordinary Giveaway