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Norman Love Cooking Classes

Check out this video from one our latest Norman Love Confections cooking class and see why it’s an experience you’ll never forget! Students come from far and wide to learn from Norman Love Confections chefs in the very kitchen where the nationally-renowned gourmet chocolate creations are made every day.
Every class is taught by Norman Love Confections chefs, many of whom are award-winning pastry chefs themselves, or have been trained by them. In these videos from one of our latest classes, students learned to make gourmet tarts with Chef Ryan Love, son of company founder Norman Love. You can see how thrilling it is to be part of the Love family for an evening, learning skills you can replicate at home, creating the perfect dessert from start to finish. You bring home the desserts you create, as well as the recipes to make them again. Plus, all of the ingredients are included in your class registration of just $95 per person.

The chocolatier offers classes from March to September so there are still classes available, but they do sell out fast. Call 239-561-7215 now to register for any of the following classes. Private classes can also be scheduled, but dates are limited, so arrange for your private group class ASAP. It’s a great way to spend a fun evening with family, friends and coworkers, whether it is for an adult birthday party, to reward employees and encourage team building, or as an anniversary or graduation celebration. Any reason to get together for an unforgettable experience will do!


29 Molded Candies (milk ganache in a milk shell)

29 Desserts at Home


13 Truffles

13 Cookies

27 Chocolate & Wine Tasting


10 Molded Candies (bittersweet in a dark shell)

10 Cupcakes

24 Molded (vanilla cream in a dark shell)

24 Desserts at Home


7 Molded Candies (milk ganache in a milk shell)

7 Layered Cakes

21 Molded (bittersweet in a dark shell)

21 Cookies

Complete class descriptions are available at HERE.